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Apartments Management

Apartments Management

Advanced buildings to be living together of many people, no longer Apartment ing, the site office building of the airport, the mall can not be managed by retired or amateurs of places such as in göstermektedir.bat Country is professional management contemporary needs.

Some rules and regulations for carrying out the building management we need to know a good level.

  • Constitution
  • Laws (condominium law)
  • Regulations and decrees
  • jurisprudence of the Supreme Court
  • Private contractors to
  • Customs and traditions


Law and it can not be made between the parties as unconstitutional regulation of private agreements in laws, regulations and can not be unconstitutional.

Change of Management

A building’s management changed even though the new manager’s apartment to get a plug in information about the quality and continuity of services performed and must have documentation.

  • Apartment management plan
  • Floor general information about the owners etc. (Phone and address information, who are the owners and tenants.)
  • Information about Apartment staff
  • Apartment general information about the equipment (jenaret, elevator, other fixtures)
  • information about the condition of the apartment yapılasl
  • Examination of the legal status of the apartment of a bygone era

Here are all these things we are doing for you in a professional manner. Please contact us for more information.