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Buy your property from your home and place it with your furniture and equipment. What’s next?

Luxury Investment continues to help you by accelerating your real estate insurance transactions to secure you and your real estate as well as real estate transactions.

Why is a home insurance required?

With Housing Insurance, you can secure your home and even your belongings against fire, depression, thieves, terrorism and many other risks.

You can take advantage of services such as locksmiths, glass works, etc. which will make your life easier with your insurance, Housing Assistance and Emergency Medical Assistance guarantees.

Guarantees Depending on your preference for collateral, you can only enjoy the comfort provided by the Housing Package Insurance by insuring your home or your home as well as your property. When you use credit, it is compulsory to have a home insurance. Goods insurance is made according to your preference in order to compensate for your financial losses in cases like fire, earthquake, theft.

You can secure the stock, contents and fixtures of your workplace and workplace against workplace package insurance and property damage.

Why Do I Have to Make Workplace Insurance?

With a single policy, you can secure your workplace and the inside against a lot of risks, from fire to depression, from theft to terrorism, so that you do not miss the unexpected situations you may encounter in your workplace in your daily life.

We do not want the workplace we work on to achieve high efficiency and profitability to suffer even the slightest damage due to any reason. However, we should never overlook the risks.

For the best price we will get offers from different institutions and we will decide in the direction of your requests.