New house in Antalya for 15 apartments – completely! – Alanya Luxury İnvestment

New house in Antalya for 15 apartments – completely!

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Property Id : LUXURY-0021

Sold - Apartment Building
1500 Print

New house for sale, fully finished and ready to move in. Iskan ( state permission for the use of occupants of electrical and water) is obtained. All relevant certificates and documents to the house are too. The house is sold fully and after purchase the new owner can remodel and under apart-hotel (or hotel with 15 apartments). Any debts to the state, lawsuits , fines, or other problems NOT AVAILABLE! The variant with a partial mortgage for the purchase. That is, if necessary, you can take the remaining purchase amount in credit in Turkish banks. Will render assistance.

Year built : 2014
Number of floors : 4 floors.
Total area : 1500 sq. m.
Distance to the sea : about 250 m.
Number of rooms : 15 ( including the type of flats 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and duplexes).
The apartments are air conditioned and partly , kitchen furniture .
All apartments have flooring, like parquet.
Elevator, Parking, pool, garden, security cameras and much more – as is.

About prices and other information , please contact us!